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Video tips & tricks

Stop your inspections from falling flat in customer approvals.

Videos offer a level of transparency between your teams and customers that fosters trust and ultimately leads to faster and more positive approvals.

Get started with our how-to videos and best practices:

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How much does this video usage boost the likelihood of additional approval?



Incorporating videos and images to recommend service work can boost the likelihood of customers moving forward by a factor of 3.

Learn how to take and share videos

Check out our quick video tutorial to learn how to send videos in Kimoby. 

Industry best practices for taking videos

Here are some of our best practices for creating high-quality videos while providing car service:


Show the car
Start the video with a shot of the entire car before moving in on specific areas.
Keep it simple
Speak clearly and slowly. Make sure to use terms your customers can understand. 
Short is better
Try keeping your video under 2-3 minutes to make sure your customers watch all the way through.
Don't leave out the why
Make sure you explain why the repair is necessary and what can happen if your customer chooses to ignore your recommendations. 
Include a call to action
At the end of the video, include a call to action, such as asking them if they want to move forward with the repair(s).
Your video is ready? The easiest way to relay it to your customers is through Repair Orders for efficient team communication. 

Example of a walkaround

Take a look at this real-life example of a walkaround video for a peek into what leading dealerships are doing. 

Ensure smooth video uploads

Check your Wi-Fi connection for upload and download speeds with this free tool.

Simplify and accelerate outdated repair processes with estimates.

  • Generate professional, presentation-ready estimates directly within Kimoby
  • Offer  a more personalized experience and help your customers better understand the state of their vehicle
  • Provide your customers with the flexibility to approve or reject recommendations

See the impact of your videos on your bottom line.

Monitor what's going on in your service department with real-time metrics that will help you track:
  • Number of videos sent
  • Average and percentage of ROs that have videos
  • Average dollar amount of upsell
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Unleash the power of videos

Capture and send videos to your customers by downloading our mobile app.


Google play - Kimoby mobile app  App Store - Kimoby mobile app


Ready to upgrade your after-sales service?

Let videos be your solution. Contact your Account Manager to explore this opportunity today.
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